Wednesday, November 19, 2008

E-learning VET vs HEP

Today I attended the opening of the CEIT centre at UQ, that is the Centre of Education, Innovation and Technology, at the University of Qld.

As well as meeting some Canadians, who I'm convinced are leading the world in dynamic learning content, and an old School friend, I heard some great discussion relating to the use of and future of E-learning in Educational Institutions.

What occurred to me is that open source, flexible, affordable, web 2.0 integrated E-learning is encouraged as the way forward, but HEP (Higher Ed Providers) are less able to implement these strategies than the VET sector (Vocational Ed Training).

With the emergence of closer ties between the two sectors i think this is worth exploring.

What might be the reasons for the difference in uptake? I suggest a few;

  • HEP providers have a slow large administrative process, therefore change is slow.

  • VET sector is smaller, run as small business and have close links to industry, so are closer to the forefront of adaptation of new technology.

  • VET adapts out of necessity, to deliver externally and to stay financially viable.

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