Saturday, June 14, 2008

Even better than the real thing?

My holiday, much needed for us both, on white haven beach (it's just another beach for tempted consumers of experience) gave me time to reflect on the rapid elearning journey i have been on these past two years.

I had what one might call a vision of the future, about where elearning is heading - the summary of which is - learning being as direct as being in the teachers skin for a day.

Studies have shown that mental imagery of a task has the same affect on the brain as actually doing the task. If you could 'be' the practioner for a day, experiencing every emotion, problem to solve and subtle nuances of a work role, how much more would you be prepared for that role yourself.'

As this is a bit out of the box for neovet, i will tag this and further 'visions of the future' as 2020.


Marty said...

Hey Francis

How far is this off the idea presented in The Matrix series where each person could have their brain pre-programmed to perform various skills - EG; Neo received training to fight like a Ninja via a downloaded programme feed through a 'portal' in the back of his neck.


francis said...

interesting, because Mr Neo received the learning, but Neo didn't experience the learning untill he put it into practice.