Friday, April 18, 2008


We are currently exploring how to make better use of the assignment module on moodle.

With this in mind; students can respond to set questions ( i think?) or you can set it so it is a share folder between the trainer and student. hmmm.

Some student testing would help, as it is hard to 'completly' step out of the course developer, admin role to see how the students and trainers would experience these online assignments.

It seems the 'online text' option, only allows for one set of instructions followed by one student answer at a time - it would probably be tiresome and in practical to have an assignment module made for every question. If our units where smaller and 'cleaner' in approach, this may not be an issue.

There are also AQTF requirements to consider, such verifying Assessors, that is where digital signatures may come in to save the day, to achieve our dream of a paperless VET sector.

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