Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 Dimensions to learning

James Cameron, who is not known for making a poor judgement call (when it comes to creating hit movies anyway) has suggested that 3D viewing will not only come to the lounge room in the next few years, but eventually will be viewed on your phone, tablet, computer or TV, without the need for glasses.

All this talk of iPads and 3D viewing and Neovet just had a thought. If elearning is still on the slow journey towards frequent us on mobile devices, how would a 3D interface raise the bar yet again!

Here are my future predictions for 3D viewing and elearning.

  1. Touch devices will sense movement 'above' the screen, adding a third dimension to touch devices. Learners would have multi layered content and navigation tools providing a richer display of content across subject areas and giving a more powerful search and display experience.

  2. Instructional designers will need to think laterally when constructing elearning content

  3. Peer learners will have a 'space' to play with content together in real time.

  4. Training providers will continue to be behind the 8 ball in keeping teaching technology up to standards with popular media technology.

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