Sunday, January 3, 2010

AVATAR movie & metaphor

Pick a metaphor, religious, scientific, cultural or political and your sure to find it layered in this block buster of a movie somewhere.

Neovet couldn't help but see some parallels with the idea of running around in the brain of a giant blue elf warrior and vocational training through elearning. The best part being that Jake Sully can do the impossible thanks to a virtual, (be it real) environment.

Jake can now walk in the virtual world and learn a whole new culture, language and set of skills. Will this re-inspire second life learning? Probably not, but 3D, AVATAR based social media and elearning is only moments away if your following the latest moves by Google to make the browser a doorway to a "Pandorian" web experience through it's O3D api.

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rbaskers said...

absolutely this is where its going, i think the deviancy of the population will use this tech for online sexual encounters, but they will spend the money and blaze the path, making the tech available for more noble causes such as yours, and i do believe it will come to fruition quicker than we think.