Sunday, July 5, 2009

I've been a Twitt!

"What happened to my blog!" "If i tweet, do i blog as well?" "Is twitter the new blogger?"

These questions are echoing around the blogisphere from bloggers who now 'micro blog' with twitter so often, it leaves them wondering if they should 'blog blog' as in blog for real, anymore.

I personally have been on hiatus from my blog and the distance between my last and this post is evidence of my lack of blogging. Twitter IS to blame, (or should i blame the tweeter?), and so is the ability to search the worlds thoughts in real time. Neovet is designed to be a place of pure elearning joy, for those who are always looking for that next innovation that will make training better online.

Twitter therefore is both relevant as a tool to share my blog with others, and dare i say if you don't tweet between blog posts, your blog might as well be offline, and also as a learning tool.

The learning tool element of Twitter, is in the ability to articulate what your learning, share what you learning and as a great search engine. The real time posting element is unique and powerful, especially coupled with hand-held devices.

Twitter as a live group blogging tool at conferences and workshops is worth looking into, but maybe next time... right now i need to tweet my blog if you know what i mean.

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