Friday, May 16, 2008

Boil it down

Instructional design:

I just joined the E-learning Guild

I highly recommend their eBooks that have been co-written by the guild community, especially for E-learning designers who are looking for some frameworks to work with.

One common principle of E-learning design is keep the message simple

When people give a speech, we tell them stick with two or three main points to communicate to the audience. This should be the same with learning objects.

E-learning is in the end about changing behaviour - says Dr. Michael Allen (Podcast)

You can't judge instructional design by 'good graphics' or tricky flash games -

Good E-learning involves a good story, told well, in a powerful dynamic context.

eg. Remember the old radio shows that kept people entertained before T.V. and the Web? the format had no 'images' yet captured the imagination. Because it told the story well and captivated the audience.

Q. How is your E-learning tools capturing the imagination of your learners?

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